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Airrex AH-800i Diesel Heater

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With the advanced burner system, the Airrex diesel heater has a patented oil burner with an electric fuel pump that circulates the combustion gases through pipelines with ceramic coating and create heat as infrared radiation.

The triple combustion process ensures complete and clean combustion. normal ventilation is sufficient.

Effective sound attention the silencing system inside the exhaust pipe that compresses and expands the exhaust makes Airrex very quiet – only 48db.

Touch control simple soft-touch control panel with led display and remote control. Fuel biodiesel, diesel or red diesel.

Mobile control included

The AH-800i is suitable for spaces up to 2000m³

New Features;

Wi-Fi or 4G connection
Automatic restart after power outage
Redesigned burner, piping and protective grid
Stylish dark graphite grey colour

Heater with remote control

The Airrex AH-800i can be controlled remotely from anywhere in the world via the Airrex app. In the app, you can see in real time, for example, the temperature of the heated space, the amount of fuel and whether the heater is running right now. Any error messages are also displayed in the app. You can now control the heater as if you were physically next to the device, with the exception that a device that is completely shut down cannot be started by remote control. The heater can be connected to an existing Wi-Fi network. However, in the absence of a Wi-Fi network, it can be connected directly to the mobile phone network using an optional plug-in device.

New control panel

The control panel for Airrex heaters has also been completely rebuilt. It is now futuristically metallic, a perfect match for the darker graphite grey heater. The redesigned control panel is built to work together with the mobile app – both functionally and visually. One of the great things about the new control panel with its mirror-like surface is its ability to cope with power outages! After a power outage. The device will continue to operate with the same settings as before the outage.

Sealed cap and stronger protective grid

When the fuel tank was redesigned, the fuel cap was also replaced with a fully sealed model that prevents fuel spillage when moving the heater. In addition, the grid protecting the ceramic piping has been reinforced and improved.

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