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Del Morino Levante Super in Driffield, East Yorkshire

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New for 2021.

The Levante Super has all the characteristics as the standard Levante. This machine is suitable for heavy duty use on hard and uncultivated soils for the professional user.

Its honeycomb structure with high thickness cover and walls (side walls 10mm) allows the user to cut grasses, bushes, stubble, reeds and even pruning of big diameter saplings – getting good results. For better shredding/cutting and strength, a full width shredding blade is fitted underneath the top of the hood.

It has a hydraulic side shift adjustment which enables the user to not just shift the machine to the left or right but also have optimal control on embankments and slopes. This side shift adjustment makes the machines highly manoeuvrable and can be used as an in-line flail mower behind the tractor, or fully offset to the left, with a cutting angle between -50 and +90 degrees of horizontal. This means that verges, banks, ditches or even the side of low hedges can be maintained with a single machine.

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