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SE400 Petrol Engine Log Splitter

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The SE400 is an engine driven log splitter powered by a Honda GX200 engine. This machine is also fitted with a dual speed hydraulic pump.

When combined with the unique axe-head (see photo below), it allows a 10 tonne capacity ram to be fitted which makes the splitting operation very quick.

The SE400 is easily moved around on pneumatic tyres and only has a width of a meter.

  • Hydraulic log splitter driven off a 6.5hp Honda petrol engine
  • 10 tonne splitting force
  • The log splitter has been designed to be easily wheeled by hand to the location where it is to be used
  • The log splitter can be used in any different number of locations from the back garden to the paddock beside the wood shed
  • Powerful enough to cope with the most demanding of splitting jobs
  • The splitting wedge is specially forged, hardened and has a double chamfer to give the best splitting action available on the market
  • For added safety all the hydraulic pipes are covered in anti burst lagging and both hands are required on the lever to operate the ram
  • Lifting the lever will power the splitting wedge through the logs and lowering the lever will retract the ram. It takes under ten seconds to make a complete cycle of the ram. The platform is self cleaning of large logs
  • Capable of splitting logs up to 18 inch high and is not limited to the width of logs it can split
  • Dimensions:
    72cm – Floor to table
    84cm – Width wheel to wheel
    196cm – High
    61cm – Table width
  • Horsepower: 5.5bhp at 3600rpm
    Weight: 95 kg
    Engine: Honda GX200
    Max operating pressure: 4780 psi/330 bar
    Fuel consumption: 1.9 l/hr
    Ram bore diameter: 60 mm
    Ram stroke: 400 mm
    Noise level: <104 db


Click here for the SE400 Manual

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