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"Electric Sawbench" - Andrew Geeson

I recently bought my electric saw bench, I have only used it for a couple of hours and what can I say? It's awesome! Great for what I need it for, quicker than the chain saw and it's saved my back! It's the electric version, it works great! Well done to Oxdale, I already have the log splitter and I'm really happy with that to!

"SE400" - Michael Chapman

I have just purchased the SE400 and what a great piece of equipment. I split enough wood for my log burner for a year, in about 5 hours. This is many times faster than I have been able to do in the past. This machine is amazing. My old electric splitter is hopeless in comparison.

"TM400" - Nigel Macey

I bought a tractor mounted a log splitter about 5 years ago. I run it from a David Brown 880. The splitter has done many hours splitting and has been abused splitting some very challenging wood. It has given us no trouble. Fantastic piece of kit.

"TM400" - David

I bought my Oxdale Log Splitter in November 2008 as I had looked around and it seemed the best value for money at the time. I put it on the case 1394 at 1100rpm and it splits everything we can lift into it!!! We have even set 4ft rings of hard wood into it with the front loader!! I can honestly say you would be mad to buy anything else on the market.

"TM400" - Martin

I bought an Oxdale Log Splitter in July 2009 and it has been the best thing I have every bought. Since I have had my log splitter I have been able to split some very large logs that have been sat on my log pile for ages. My cheap electric log splitter or my axe would not face them. I shopped around before I bought mine and they seem to be very reasonably priced due to other professional machines that are on the market. My log splitter also came with a 12 month money back guarantee. Who can say fairer?

"Tractor Mounted Log Splitter" - Gordon Chitty

Hi Oxdale, I too am very pleased with the tractor mounted Log Splitter which I bought from you. It is simple and very effective, so much so, that normally I will cut the wood and my 10 and 11 year old daughter and nephew will put the wood through the splitter. That way between us we can cut, split and bag well over a ton of fire wood in a little over an hour. But I would also like to say thank you for the help and advice given before I bought the splitter.